Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kill Your Idols

Anyone who semi-knows me is probably aware that I take a lot of pictures of my dog. Which is kind of weird, but she is adorable as hell and could also probably be a dog model. Everybody thinks so. Just admit it.

But anyway, my point is that when people ask for advice on how to take better pictures and stuff, included in the advice is usually to start with taking pictures of the people and places around you-- stuff that you know and see daily

So since I want to start taking more pictures of the average things in my life and try to make them interesting. Because the problem with my photography last year was that I found my environment so boring that I would really only take pictures on special occasions or on vacation, which meant only a few weeks' worth of visual memories in a whole year.

And thus, my day-to-day documentation starts with my loyal companion, Blackie.

There is a cute little field next to my neighborhood where we like to walk. She loves to run around and chase squirrels and burrowing owls and take humongous shits in the dirt.

There's lots of big crumbly hills that I can climb and get nice views of the neighborhood, and also pretend that I'm in a music video for 400 Lux by Lorde.

I have been meaning to do a lot of projects lately. I've got a ton of ideas and no time to start them, and that's just the way I like it. Moments of peace are like itches to scratch for me. I can't have too many or I'll just scratch myself raw. I thrive on being busy, never having a spare second. It took a ton of willpower just not to sign myself up for the spring semester at the local college, in addition to working about 30 hours a week and attending high school (that old thing). I'm insane.

But anyway, there are two main projects I want to start on, both combining photography and writing. For the first, I just want to do a simple portrait project-- take portraits of some of the people who made high school memorable, write a small caption. It's more for me than anyone else. 

The second is more elaborate, and will probably combine more mediums, too. I want to center it all around one question: Why do you do it if you know it's going to hurt? It can apply to anything: alcoholism, drug addiction, falling in love, taking risks, something as simple as snapping a rubber band against your wrist or as complicated as endangering those you love. I want to ask people for their own opinions and descriptions, and then illustrate them with paintings, photographs, collages, etc. I already got a few beautiful answers from the folks at tumblr, and I'd love to extend it and see where it goes.

*Also, in case anyone is wondering, all editing is done with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4!

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  1. I love these photos, and the projects also sounds great! xoxox